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Cookies & Cream Icecream. Vegan. Gluten free. Low Sugar.

My creative urges need to be met very frequently. This often gets let out in the kitchen. One of my favourite current hobbies is making delicious and very easy vegan icecream using organic cashews and coconut cream. This latest one is one of the best flavors I’ve done so far! Cookies and cream. Tastes caramelly, creamy and biscuity… HEAVEN!



1 & 1/2 cup organic raw cashews (soaked 3 hours)

3/4 can organic coconut cream (or a whole can if you like)

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

a generous splash of agave syrup or rice malt syrup

2 tablespoons cacao powder (because why not?)

BLEND in a hardcore blender such as a Vitamix or Omniblend until thick and smooth

Pour into a big bowl, stir in crushed cookies of your choice. I used LEDA gluten free, vegan, chocolate chip cookies. These are available from the health section of your supermarket usually. They DO have sugar in them though! Naughty naughty!

Put the bowl in the freezer and set a timer for every half an hour. Stir this mixture every half an hour for approx. 2-3 hours or until it sets properly. SO EASY! And definitely stir it well (until well combined) so it gets a nice fluffy icecreamy consistency! Enjoy…