The Artistry Collaborative


We are an enthusiastic group of Napier based artists who meet sporadically to inspire, teach and motivate eachother with our practice. The whole idea of this project is to share ideas and learn new techniques and skills to further develop our art.

We each take turns hosting a dynamic art session at our homes, and the host of the art session chooses what the theme or focus will be for the session. Sometimes we’ll focus on working with mindfulness, each with our own type of medium. Sometimes an Artist/host will show us a new way of working with a particular medium, eg paint, pottery, clay… ANYTHING! There are so many ways to get the most out of this group, simply by engaging with other artists.

We’ll also be working towards our own collaborative exhibitions, supporting eachother along the way.

If you are a practicing artist and wish to get involved with the Artistry Collaborative, feel free to contact Sarah Beale at or search for us on facebook.