Sarah Beale; Visionary Art and Astanga Yoga

I’m a Hawkes Bay based (was Auckland until recently) Yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner & artist, creating works of art based on universal themes of one-ness and interconnectedness between humanity, levels of energy, matter and other worlds. I like to explore fantastical imagery, using bright colours and intricate patterns to create paintings which remind people of the infinite. My love of geometry and tribal patterns are woven into the layers of my art. Having travelled extensively, I bring a worldly element to my work with fragments of Latin American, Indian and South-East Asian spiritual culture within the art. I also draws on experience in my life which have moved me in some way, such as when I was underwater in the cenotes of Mexico, or exploring the vast white Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia; moments which have rekindled my passion for the beauty of nature, the miracle of life and also influence my art in subtle ways.

I try to hold exhibitions once or twice a year, sometimes in collaboration with other wonderful artists. Every exhibition is a chance to bring people together, foster a community and to give back to others in small ways. I donate 10 percent of the sales of my work to good causes. Charities that I have donated to include; Fairtrade, Safe- the Voice for all animals and The NZ Butterfly trust. I donates to the animal sanctuary monthly and have adopted a compassionate vegan lifestyle. My art expresses the urge for all of us to awaken and cherish all living beings in our world.

Yoga and Spirituality profoundly affect my work and are a common thread throughout my drawings and paintings. I have started using carving techniques to create mandalas in layers of paint, and continue to paint mandalas with bold colours.

My partner Alex and I are managing the Wellness Sanctuary on Main Street, Napier, formally known as the Sanctuary. As well as this, I am currently teaching Power Vinyasa and Yin at Modern Yoga Napier in Onekawa.

I am an Astanga Yoga Teacher also and in the past have loved teaching at AUT North shore campus and the Astanga yoga centre on Great north road, Auckland. Sometimes I  hold workshops and yoga events in local parks, often by donation. For a schedule of my yoga events, click here;  or check it all out on facebook:

A side-step from yoga, I have started facilitating Ecstatic Dance sessions on Friday evenings in Napier. These were held above Chantals but are moving to The Wellness Sanctuary from September 2017.

I have also begun offering Reiki sessions to women in both Napier & Hastings & have set up a sacred healing space at the Wellness Sanctuary under the name ‘Reiki for Women’. I am looking forward to helping aid the healing process in many women’s lives.

My yoga classes are dynamic and energizing, with a focus on awareness of breath, and relaxing while moving. I do believes exercise should boost rather than deplete energy levels, and so I encourages my students not to force themselves, but to allow the breath to soften the body into the postures. Taking a Yin mindset into Yang postures.

I’m very enthusiastic about yoga and the possibilities it holds for all people of all ages. You’re never too old or young to do yoga. It has benefits for body, mind and soul. “Yoga is the process of getting in touch with your highest self and realizing your own infinite potential”.

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