I’m a bit of travel addict and I try to get off the NZ island once a year (although sadly this doesn’t always happen) I like to trot all over the globe taking photos of natural wonders and capturing beautiful moments.

My photos of chickens are from a series called, “The Poultry Tour of Bhaktapur”. Bhaktapur is an ancient medieval town in Nepal, which has been sinceĀ devastated by the recent earthquakes. When I was there I noticed a phenomenal number of chickens, ducks and geese roaming freely through the streets of the picturesque town, and couldn’t help but go wild with my camera, using the lens to enshrine the character of Bhaktapur and personify these birds.

I have travelled through South America and South East Asia extensively, always finding amazing subjects to bring home on camera. Nature is my main inspiration and I also love travelling through New Zealand snapping photos of NZ’s lush greenery and beaches.

I will be displaying these photos and moreĀ at more upcoming exhibitions. My lovely man Alex and I like to do photography projects together and are working on one currently called ‘Portals’.